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Corporate responsibility

Responsibility is one of our priorities

Olmar HaminaKotka Oy’s corporate responsibility work is based on a holistic approach that takes into account the environment, people, society and good governance. Olmar HaminaKotka Oy’s goal is to improve the responsibility of our industry with the company’s solutions. We want to be a pioneer in our industry on the road to a low-carbon economy.

Olmar HaminaKotka Oy’s responsible business means developing the company in a way that benefits customers, company staff and owners. The basic premise is compliance with the law in all business. We pay special attention to labor legislation, occupational safety and health regulations and competition law aspects.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is taken care of in three different ways: we carry economic, social and environmental responsibility. In all areas, we measure the company’s development annually.

Economic and Governmental responsibility

Economic profitability creates the basis for both social and environmental responsibility. We promote good governance and respect our stakeholders. Olmar HaminaKotka Oy pays its taxes in full to the country where it operates, Finland. Financial success creates opportunities for investments in modern and low-emission equipment as well as employee well-being.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility focus is in the well-being of the company’s personnel. Employee satisfaction with their own work and the work environment is regularly measured with well-being surveys. In the logistics sector, it is particularly important to ensure occupational safety, which is supported by effective risk management processes. We aim for the level 0 in accidents at work every day. The goal is supported by regular staff training. A healthy work environment and well-being at work are the starting point for productivity and the quality of operations.

Environmental sustainability

Olmar HaminaKotka Oy’s goal is to reduce the CO2 emissions of its own operations by 55% by 2030, when the reference year is 2020. This major climate target will always be taken into account in investments in machinery and equipment from 2021 onwards. Our success can be followed on these pages from 2022 onwards.

The European Union ambitious climate target requires a significant reduction in CO2 emissions from logistics. At the heart of the range is an open-minded transition to electric power transmission solutions. Electric machines enable a significant reduction in energy consumption, CO2 emissions and noise emissions. We are also exploring increasing the use of renewable fuels together with our customers. It is also important to achieve resource efficiency and smoothness in the flow of goods.

Olmar HaminaKotka Oy has switched in 2020 to use clean wind energy, produced completely without carbon dioxide emissions.

Read here further information about the European Union climate policy, including the targets to logistics:

European Union Roadmap for moving to a competitive low carbon economy in 2050.