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Port services

Port services

Olmar HaminaKotka Oy operates at the Port of HaminaKotka.

We offer an efficient loading service for paper, pulp, board and sawn wood And an unloading service for pulpwood, wood chip and industrial raw materials. We also handle a variety of industrial materials and additives such as cement and kaolin.

Olmar HaminaKotka Oy provides also significant project shipments. We are familiar with project deliveries of the pulp mills as well as shipping of e.g. large concrete elements.

For information about Port services, please contact
Tomi Pakkanen +358 (0)40 187 5206
Tomi Lonka +358 (0)400 251 877

Unitisation and Terminal services

Uniting and export services are based on accurate and efficient work in our port terminals. When handling goods, we use top modern technology for the data transfer in our customer connections.

We produce container services for paper, board, pulp, boards and lumber. The efficiency and quality of our operations are based on our skilled employees, who have modern equipment and telecommunications connections tailored to the customer’s needs

For information about Containerisation, please contact
Petteri Mussalo +358 (0)44 560 5609
Pasi Aalto +358 (0)40 841 8080

Customs warehousing and Forwarding

Our forwarding services include

  • customs warehouse accounting
  • packaging, weighing and marking of packages
  • import and export customs duties
  • forwarding documents such as CMR, TIR Carnet and B / L
    transit (T1)

Our limits of liability are stated in the regulations of the Nordic Freight Forwarders’ Association (PSYM 2000). We are a registered customer of the Finnish Customs and we have electronic contact with customs.

For information about Forwarding, please contact
Petra Kunelius  +358 (0)5 210 8090, +358 (0)44 3400453
Leena Surokivi  +358 (0)5 210 8090, +358 (0)44 3400453

Ota yhteyttä

Petra Kunelius


+358 44 340 0453
Email Petra Kunelius

Leena Surokivi


+358 44 340 0453
Email Leena Surokivi

Tomi Lonka

Port operations

+358 400 251 877
Email Tomi Lonka

Tomi Pakkanen

Port operations

+358 40 187 5206
Email Tomi Pakkanen

Petteri Mussalo


+358 44 560 5609
Email Petteri Mussalo

Pasi Aalto


+358 40 841 8080
Email Pasi Aalto