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Safety and quality

Cost-effective and customer-oriented service in the spirit of continuous improvement

Olmar Pori Oy’s business operations are based on certified ISO 9001, 14001 and ISO 45001 standards, national laws and regulations of the European Community and Finland. Compliance with standards ensures that quality, environmental, occupational health and safety objectives are achieved and continuously improved.

Customer orientation as a starting point

The purpose of Olmar Pori Oy’s operations is to offer customers cost-effective comprehensive services taking environmental values into account. We are constantly developing the quality of our operations and our operating system.

Our solutions and investments are driven by our customers’ needs. Our aim is to be a safer, more efficient and continuously developing port operator.

Customer satisfaction is one measure of our quality. The most important factor in quality is our highly skilled and highly motivated staff, who are committed to continuously improving the quality of our operations with a view to maintaining customer satisfaction. We constantly develop our operations with the help of customer feedback and our own evaluation.

Environmental policy

With the environmental quality system, Olmar Pori Oy aims to reduce any adverse environmental impact of its operations and to raise awareness of the environment among our staff and partners operating in the port. Environmental policy is also part of quality policy. The challenge is to combine environmental protection with long-term economic growth in such a way as to secure sustainable development in the long term.

Human Resources policy

Occupational health and safety management is a key component of quality. By managing safety, Olmar Pori Oy aims to ensure the uninterrupted operation of its business by protecting personnel and all stakeholders from damage and accidents.

Olmar Pori Oy supports activities that maintain work ability, promotes physical activity that maintains work ability, invests in staff being able to work, and improves operating conditions of occupational health care, occupational safety and work supervision.

Our personnel are committed to maintaining an active operational policy.

Olmar Pori Oy has been awarded the following certificates by Kiwa Inspecta: ISO 45001 (Safety), ISO 14001 (Environment) and ISO 9001 (Quality).